Being a man you can understand how stress and anxiety highly affect your life. By saying this we are not saying that women don’t suffer stress and anxiety. We’ve said this because here we are going to discuss about the erectile dysfunction. And if in case you are planning to buy generic viagra 100mg to treat your erectile dysfunction then hold and calmly read the information below first.

Know that anxiety and depression are one of the most common health issues for men, the number is so large that it affects one in every five men in the USA. No need to say how mental health problems affect men’s routine activities and daily life. As here you come to know whether stress and anxiety cause erectile dysfunction then know that the answer is big yes.

According to researches, 13% to 20% of men who are having erectile dysfunction or ED problems, also going through stress and anxiety problem. The dangerous fact is we still don’t know the root problem. The only thing that we know is the connection between erectile dysfunction and mental health.

Before going further know you can have three types of erection psychogenic; it happens because of mental or visual association, reflexive; it happens because of physical stimulation, and nocturnal; it generally happens when you are in sleep. Bodily systems and processes play an important role to achieve all of the mentioned types of erection. When something disrupts any of these types then it can cause erectile dysfunction. Talking about the exact things then it includes nervous systems, muscles, emotions, blood vessels, and hormones.
Apart from the above factors stress and anxiety also can be the cause of your ED problem. Know that everyone suffers from stress and anxiety but you really need to think about it when it actually affecting your routine. When you have bad mental condition, your brain face problem in sending extra blood flow to the penis.

If you still can’t figure out whether your ED problem root cause if your stress and anxiety then here are some life events that can cause enough anxiety and stress to lead to erectile dysfunction. If you are currently going through any of the below problems then you need to consult your doctor immediately. So here is the list:

Best Ways to Overcome Your ED Problem Take Psychodynamic Therapy

Maybe you haven’t heard it before but know that psychodynamic therapy is a process in which the expert try to address your subconscious conflict to find out the root cause of your erectile dysfunction


Most of us generally consider preferring the doctor and medicine but don’t think about taking counseling to believe us having a session with an expert will really help you to out to know the root problems.

Sexual Anxiety Therapy

Sometimes your ED problem is associated with a lack of knowledge. It may sound odds to you but it is a true fact. Having a detailed session with your doctor actually helps you to reduce your ED problem. In the session, your doctor will give you full knowledge of ED.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a must-have session for people suffering from ED. It is not something that is associated with arousal or sexual activity but this therapy primarily focuses on sensational pleasure. It is given with a primary goal of reducing the stress factor so that one can have a pleasurable and enjoyable sex life.
We hope you are satisfied with our information. If you still looking to but Viagra or Cialis like medicine to treat your ED problem then feel free to get it from True Medicine Online ( without prescription. Have any questions? Let us know in the below comment section.

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