Looking to buy tramadol overnight that too without a prescription? If yes, then you would like to share some of the quick facts of tramadol. We recommend you read them without missing anything and you would love to do that if you don’t want your life into danger.

Most of the people consider the tramadol a safe pain drug. Is it really true? Find out the reason why you should not take tramadol without prescription. You can find the details on tramadol in our previous articles so here we just talk about the facts only.

Tramadol is a Controlled Substance

Now tramadol is a controlled substance in all fifty US states which means it comes with some set of rules that one should follow before buying or selling it.

It is done after happening of lots of cases of misuse, abuse, addiction, and overdose. Now you can only refill your tramadol drug up to 5 times in a span of 6 months.

After this, you need to get a new prescription from your doctor. If you have any expired tramadol then there is a proper rule to dispose of it safely. You can ask your doctor about it.

Tramadol Can Cause Some Serious Side Effects

Tramadol’s side effect list is quite long and one should not take it as per prescription. According to DAWN or Drug Abuse Warning Network over 50,000 people visit the emergency department because of tramadol and half of them are side effect cases.

Common side effects of tramadol include stomach pain, agitation, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, itching, tiredness, sleepiness, heartburn, constipation, nausea, and headache.

Serious side effects of tramadol include addiction, misuse, abuse, depressed breathing, neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, ultra-rapid metabolism, serotonin syndrome, seizures, adrenal insufficiency, gastrointestinal adverse reactions, abnormal heart rhythms, withdrawal, androgen deficiency, severe hypotension, and suicidal thoughts.

It Can Be Habit Forming

Tramadol has an opioid-like base structure much like morphine and codeine. It leads to physical and psychological dependence, withdrawal and addiction. People having any history of drug-taking are more open to abuse this drug.

Make a note that even if you follow your doctor’s prescription still you can get addicted to it. Sometimes it is too late to realize. If you feel an urge to having it then immediately contact your doctor and share your condition.

Apart from this one should not discontinue tramadol instantly. Like side effects, it comes with lots of withdrawal symptoms. You need to follow the doctor’s prescription strictly when you are about to stop taking it.

You Should Not Take Tramadol Lightly

Yes, you should take tramadol very seriously. It is a good thing that online portals like True Medicine Online (truemedicineonline.com) let you buy tramadol overnight without any prescription but you should not take advantage of it.

If any random person suggests you to take tramadol to get relief from pain then simply avoid his recommendation and visit your doctor instantly. If you are already taking any regular pain killers and they are not helping you in getting relief then there is a high chance that the doctor will prescribe your tramadol. But again we want to suggest you visit your doctor. Maybe he has a better alternative.

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