Without any doubt a good sleep always a better thing to start a day with great enthusiasm. Now, if you want to know how much sleep is required then make a note that many theories and experts claim that we should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep but it is not true. How much sleep you need actually depends on many factors like your work routine, age, eating habits, and much more. All thanks to the report from the National Sleep Foundation, they help us to know the sleep time based on age. The research is backed up with the rigorous two years of research. For better understanding, it is elaborated in nine age-specific categories. Check out whether you are getting adequate sleep or not

What Are The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Our Bodies?

So what does happen when we don’t get enough sleep? We recommend you to read every point in this section as ignoring them will give you half-knowledge and you are very well aware of the fact that half knowledge is always dangerous. We insist you read the side effects and tell your doctor if you are experiencing any of the below problems. So are you ready?

Let’s first discuss some short-term problems that include:

If you are working or more precisely you are in any meeting or listening to someone then you might miss major things that are called lack of alertness. In a whole day, if you miss as little as one or more hours then it will significantly affect your whole day. It also affects how you feel.

You may feel sleepy and tired during the day. It is a sign of excessive daytime sleepiness. If you are feeling sleepy then it is a great sign that you are not getting adequate sleep.

Sleep deprivation can simply affect your ability to think. It will affect your brain function that remembers things and process information.

Your relationship might suffer because of your sleep problem. Yes, it really happens. If your relationship is suffering because of your mood swings, lack of understanding, etc then talk to your partner and explain the situation.

You feel dull and less likely to participate in routine things like exercise, meetings, games, etc. If you notice such a change and feel bad then start working on your sleeping habit.

How to Tackle Sleepiness

Take Adequate Rest

If you are not getting adequate rest then you might be feeling sleepy the whole day. You might be thinking that you are getting adequate rest but it might be just an illusion.

We are saying this because most of us may get sleep on time but the problem is we don’t fall asleep as soon we go to bed but we generally busy with other things like operating social media, reading a book, watching a movie, etc.

If you are the same then it is quite obvious that you are not getting a night of adequate sleep. Make sure that you try to sleep as soon as possible.

Avoid Oversleep

Going to bed is not the only solution, you also need to wake up early to avoid tiredness and sleepiness in the day. People who oversleep thinks that they are getting adequate sleep but know that it is not what it looks like.

We recommend you to avoid oversleeping. In beginning, you definitely feel real struggle but don’t worry after a few days it becomes a habit.

Track Your Diet

What you eat has a great impact on your routine. If you are on unhygienic food most of the time then make a note it is one of the biggest reasons for your sleepiness without any doubt.

You can try it yourself and we ensure you that you will feel the difference in just one day. We recommend you start your day with a heavy breakfast, with ‘heavy’ we really don’t mean oily food but have a breakfast that helps you to stay energized for a whole day.

To boost your energy you can start your day by eating oatmeal, almond butter, eggs, greek yogurt, papaya, ground flaxseed, berries, chia seeds, and more.

Try Right Medication

Changing your eating and routine habit will definitely help you but sometimes the changes may take time or sometimes it’s too late to treat the problem in natural ways. In this, the only way left is going to a doctor.

Doctor may suggest you taking modvigil like medicine but it really doesn’t mean that you need to totally rely on medication. While taking your medicines follow the natural ways too as it guarantees faster healing.

Anyways just in case, your doctor recommends you any prescription medicine like modvigil then you can use our portal to buy modvigil online. Unlike others, we don’t ask for a prescription but we strongly recommend you to have your prescription in your hand. If you try to take modvigil without prescription then you may suffer from interaction and side effects. Meanwhile, if you have any questions then let us know in the comment section.