Stress is very common but people are suddenly talking about it especially during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Why not, these days people are feeling more stressed. If you are among those then here we are very much concerned about his or her mental health then today you are going to get the most important information about stress. Make sure you don’t miss any part. So are you ready?

Stress Can Change the Brain Structure

We know this sounds very awkward to you but this is a universal truth that is backed with many scientific tests and theories. In short, it is not a hoax. Make a note that stress can be the reason for your small brain. Do you need to worry about it? Well, the answer is clearly yes. You should definitely worry if your brain size is getting shrunken. So what exactly stress does is shrinks your prefrontal cortex. It is a part of the brain that majorly contributes to decision making, controlling impulse, and working memory.

Brain Inflammation

Here is again a shocking fact. What do you think about inflammation? If you think it is related to body pain then know that according to Wikipedia “Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators.”

Now coming back to the point it is very important to know that our brain can also experience inflammation. We can definitely claim that you don’t know about it. Well, in this simply know that our brain has its own immune system. It might sound funny to you but it is true.

Our brain has microglia; a set of unique immune cells that defends our brain and spinal cord from contagions and infections.

Want to know more? Microglial cells need to be activated and once it gets to activate it stays activated. If you are suffering from chronic stress then it gets worse with time there is no way it can be turned off. In this, chronic stress is what makes it worse.

Stress Can Kill Brain Cells

Cortisol, a part of a brain generates neurotransmitter glutamate extravagantly. The important thing is glutamate is a vital chemical that is present in our brain. In general, it is not harmful to the brain but it becomes dangerous when it is in excess. Technically excessive glutamate turns into a neurotoxin.

Glutamate in excess creates free radicals. In other words, they are simply unattached oxygen molecules that start hitting brain cells in the same way oxygen hits the metal and cause rust.

Do you know apart from glutamate many outside things promote free radical load? This includes your unhealthy daily routine for instance you drink alcohol too much, eat lots of junk food, you sleep very late at night, you smoke a lot and tons more similar things.

You Are Forgetful

How often you forget things? If the frequency is very high then consider it a red signal. You need to keep in mind that if you forget things lesser times then it is completely fine but if the number is high then you need to take it seriously. Forgetting things simply means that your stress level is affecting your brain.
According to researches, when you are going through a high level of stress, you generally start forgetting basic things for example you forget to take car/bike keys, you miss an important meeting and more. Why does this happen? The answer is stress is affecting the memory power. Technically it is affecting the part of the brain where factual memories are stored.

How to Manage Stress

You are now aware of the fact that what stress can do to your brain. Now its time to know some quick tips that will help you to manage stress.

Exercise helps you a lot especially in managing stress. Exercise relaxes your mind and body. If you are running away from exercise or you don’t like to do exercise then we can understand how difficult it is for you to initiate. Now if you are really concerned about your mental health then you need to start exercising without any excuse.

Take out time for yourself it is very important. If you have any hobby that you don’t follow because of your routine and immediately take out a special time and follow your hobby. No matter what hobby you have just followed it and believe us you will find yourself more relaxed and calm. The reason is simple you are doing or engaging in something that you like the most.

If you really want to manage your stress then you need to talk with real people who actually understand our problem and listen to you. You need to stay away from people who make fun of your problem and simply go out without giving you any appropriate solutions.

We hope you like our information now its high time to share this information with your loved ones or friends circle. In this article, we have covered the basics, if you are looking to know more about stress in-depth then let us know in the comment section.

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