Want to know if you are suffering from shift work sleep disorder or not? Well, below information will help you to find out easily. Meanwhile, know that you can buy Modvigil online from True Medicine Online to treat your shift work sleep disorder just in case if you are suffering from it. This is advance information that you may need to keep in your mind. Coming back to the topic here is what you are here for.

Who Generally Suffers From Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Anyone with a job requiring shift work suffer from shift work sleep disorder. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), about 15% of American workers may develop this circadian rhythm sleep disorder that is alternatively known as shift work syndrome.

People who frequently change their schedules also face difficulty in sleeping. To understand it better take an example of healthcare professionals who has to stay awake for 12 or sometimes 24 hours. Something the same happens with airplane crews. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation over 1/3rd of all shift workers are not getting enough sleep during the work week.

Here are some other workers type who generally develop shift work sleep disorder – military personnel, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and EMTs, conductors (trains, subways), police officers, night security guards or security staff, overnight staff (third shift, graveyard shift workers), airplane crew (pilots, flight attendants) airplane crew at risk for shift work sleep disorder, firefighters, food preparers, restaurant cooks, bakers, and drivers of bus, limousine, cab.

Symptoms of Shift Work Sleep Disorder

How will you know if you have to shift work sleep disorder? Know that the symptoms are quite similar to the effects that you feel on jet lag. To make it more simple here we are pointing some ways that will help you to cross-check whether you are suffering from shift work sleep disorder or not.

You are sleeping but that is not enough. It is termed as ‘Short Sleep.’ Shift workers usually wake after only 4 to 6 hours rather than 7 to 9 hours (an ideal time for sleeping).

You struggle to fall asleep or to stay asleep.

Most of the time you take poor quality of sleep and wake up unrefreshed and tired.

You have a chronic sleep debt. Being a shift worker, you are getting less sleep than you actually need. This sleep debt accumulates and making it very challenging for you to cover up your debt.

You experience extreme daytime sleepiness. You are extremely sluggish all day and are continually fighting to get rid of drowsiness. Meanwhile, you may also experience microsleeps, 1 to 3-second sleep sessions without understanding it. Microsleeps are likely dangerous for people who drive, operate heavy machinery or work on assembly lines.

You often have lots of mood changes. You experience anxiety, depression or irritability. These mood inconstancies may be negatively influencing your personal relationships.

You tend to lose concentration or trouble focusing on tasks.

No matter what time of the day you always suffer low energy. You feel mentally or physically exhausted.

Our Solution

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