Here we will discuss some anti-inflammatory spices. The prime reason why we are discussing about them is to make you aware of all the natural anti-inflammatory things that are around you. As you know we can simply recommend you drug like nucynta pill to get rid of the pain but being a responsible organization we don’t want you to get rely on any drug when you can simply get rid of your problem naturally. So are you ready?

First of all, understand what inflammation is. Inflammation is the natural response of the body to infection or injury, often causing localized pain, heat, redness or swelling.

Now coming back to the topic know that certain food is anti-inflammatory that helps in reducing chronic pain and inflammation. As here we are discussing only spices here is the list.


Turmeric is very common in Indian cuisine and you can find it on any grocery store. It is also used to treat colds, liver disease, infections, wounds for centuries. Turmeric has a compound called curcumin that helps inflammation in the body.


Ginger is available as powdered or as a whole in supermarkets. It is a traditional medicine to cure headaches, infections and stomach upset. It comes with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. You can have it various forms according to your preference for instance you can consider ginger tea.


Cinnamon is generally used to get the flavor but it is much more of that. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that help you to treat swelling. Keep it along in your pocket and sprinkle it on tea, coffee or breakfast cereal.


Garlic is a proven spice that works effectively on arthritis symptoms. As it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties we recommend having it in any savory dish. It will not just enhance the taste but give you many other health benefits too. If you don’t like garlic taste too much then you can roast it to get a milder and sweeter flavor.


Since ancient times cayenne and other hot chili peppers have been the first choice when it comes to providing health benefits. Know that all chili peppers are naturally rich in capsaicinoids. This is exactly where the chili flavor is coming from.

If cayenne is too spicy for you then you can alternatively have black pepper in your food. It is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and generally known as the king of spices. Apart from the anti-inflammatory property, it is antioxidant and antibacterial.

Cloves are generally used as an expectorant and to treat nausea, upset stomach and inflammation of throat and mouth. You can sprinkle its powder form in any baked items and some savory dished like stews and soups. Apart from that, you can also add the whole clove to add nutrients and flavor to hot drinks like cider or tea.

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