If you planning to take soma to get rid of the pain then keep in mind that there are many side effects of it. If you are about to take its higher dose then you must keep a note of the side effects of soma 350 mg tablets. Here we are giving the long term side effects of Soma. We encourage you to take this drug after getting your prescription.

Why Do People Abuse Soma?

Soma is abused because of its relaxant and sedative effects. Both of which can be intensified by practicing it in aggregate with other substances. Due to many potentially severe side effects of carisoprodol, it is available only on prescription. You should avoid taking it without prescription or in excessive dose.

The negative short term effect of soma include drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, nausea/vomiting, difficulty breathing, fever, weakness, tremors, agitation and irritability, insomnia, burning sensation in the eyes, double vision, dilated pupils,  temporary loss of vision, disorientation, and confusion, loss of control of bodily movements, reduced blood pressure that may lead to loss of consciousness, and seizures.

If someone continues to abuse soma even after suffering from the above short term effects because of addiction. Then make a note that it turns into additional harmful consequences.

Consequences of Chronic Use

Make a note that not many types of research have been done. They indicate the exact side effect of the long-term health effects of Soma abuse. Though many physiological outcomes exist.

For instance, an important phenomenon you need to know about is tolerance. According to research, it is indicated that it is likely to build a tolerance to Soma, it simply means that the user has to take larger amounts of the drug to attain the same effect that one achieves at lower dosages. It will increase the urge to overdose as the person takes the higher amounts of the substance in order to overcome tolerance. The overdose of Soma overdose can result in coma, death, and profound respiratory depression.

Another notable long-term effect of soma is the dependence that results in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when someone tries to quit taking soma in mid.

What Dependence Looks Like

Neurons in the brain become habitual to the presence of drug substance that makes the physiological dependence. Gradually it turns to a need for a person to function optimally. Once this happens people can’t stop themselves from taking the drug. This medicine is very helpful but always be aware of the side effects of soma 350 mg tablets. Technically they taking it or abuse it to overcome the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous and unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

Some common unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of Soma include tremors, anxiety, seizures, hallucinations, heart palpitations, psychomotor agitation, or repetitive, purposeless movements, such as pacing, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, twitching, depression, restlessness, and the inability to sleep.

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