Having pain in any part of the body highly affects our routine. The worst is we generally ignore it and try to live with it especially when you hate taking medicines. Here we are giving some surprising natural painkillers that you can easily find in your kitchen. Adding below foods in your regular diet will ensure that you will stay away from pain.

List of Surprising Natural Painkillers Hot Peppers

There is an active ingredient in hot peppers that is called capsaicin. It is present in many pain-relieving creams as the main ingredients. Capsaicin primarily helps in calming nerve endings and exhausts a chemical that is responsible for causing pain. To get rid of your pain you need to add half a teaspoon in your food or soups. Don’t consume it too much as eating too many hot peppers are not good.

Plain Yogurt

If you hate eating yogurt then you love to have it when you know that it is one of the best foods to calm down the pain. You can have plain yogurt to relieve inflammation, bloating and pain symptoms. Plain yogurt has healthy bacteria that helps in easing digestion. It also very helpful when you want to get rid of abdominal pain. A bowlful of plain yogurt will always work for you.


Soy is high in protein and that is what most of the people love it for. According to the study led by NCBI, soy protein is very helpful in alleviating arthritis pain. Apart from that it also helps in relieving osteoarthritis symptoms. Soy is rich in ‘isoflavones’ that is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties.

We know you are feeling surprised after finding salt as a natural painkiller. As salt is very commonly available we generally underestimate in many ways. Apart from enhancing the taste, you can use it to calming your pain. All you need to do is take ten to fifteen tbsp. or 1 cup of salt and mix it in your bathing water. Hold on, you don’t need to take bath but you need to soak yourself in that water. Just do nothing for about 15 minutes. It helps in alleviating body pain and inflammation by dehydrating the body cells. All thanks to its saline solution.


You can use peppermint if you want to get rid of muscular pain, headache, toothache, and any nerve pain. Peppermint has therapeutic properties that are quite helpful in relieving the mentioned problems. Apart from that, having peppermint ease your stomach problems and digestion. Want more? Chew some peppermint leaves and experience a soothing impact on your memory and mind.

Red Grapes

Having some handfuls of red grapes helps you in preventing back and joint pain. It is one of the most underestimated natural pain remedies. Red grapes are rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant that also helps you in maintaining cartilage health. Because of this resveratrol, these grapes get red color.

If you think your pain is unbearable then you definitely can’t use the above remedies as they are useful when your pain is in the starting stage. Some remedies may help you to get temporary relief. If you want to get an effective solution then feel free to get generic pain medication from True Medicine Online (truemedicineonline.com) at a discount price. Now if you have any other remedy that needs to be here then feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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