There are many foods available that you can have and treat your erectile dysfunction. To help you out we have come up with the food list that offers the most benefits. In case, you are planning to buy Cialis 20 MG at lower and affordable prices then you can consider Net Med Store (find the link at the end of this article) to get your drug but make sure you add below food in your diet.


The caffeine is something that kicks up your metabolism, Improves blood pumping and somehow also boosts your endurance by clearing fat stores It promises you to offer energy that lasts all night.


Oysters are known for their sexy reputation and no doubt there is a quite good reason behind it. Oysters are rich in vitamin B6 and mineral zinc, both of these are very important for testosterone. Absence of it you did have the sex drive of a dead slug. If you don’t prefer eating oysters then feel free to boost your testosterone with nuts and seeds.


Adding some chilliness to love life will definitely help you to get rid of your problem. Chilies simply boost the blood vessels. Technically speaking more liquid (blood) being forced into blood vessels in your penis. Generally, to achieve this you need a smooth and healthy pipework and no need to mention a strong heart.


You might have seen many pictures where banana represents the penis. Well, you will not feel awkward again when you find out that eating a banana will treat erectile dysfunction problems. Banana is a good source of potassium which is the best friend of your heart and circulation. When you get enough potassium it will always help you to control your sodium levels. It also keeps you safe from heart problems. If you don’t like bananas then you can alternatively try jacket potatoes or oranges.


If you love eating fish then switch to salmon for some time. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help your blood less sticky. Moreover, it is very helpful in enhancing blood flow to certain parts of the body where it requires. You can consider eating salmon, trout, mackerel, and fresh tuna. Having any of them twice a week will make your arteries well-oiled.


Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, a set of colorful plant chemicals that plays an important role in protecting artery walls. It prevents fatty plaques that lead to clogged arteries or atherosclerosis. Alternatively, you can have peaches, plums, and nectarines.

Garlic & Onions

The phytochemical allicin in garlic and onions thins the blood and improves your blood circulation. Apart from that, it is less likely to clog and clot. You can simply avoid unsexy garlic and onion-breath by chewing peppermints or parsley.


If you save wine only for special occasion then take it out and have it on a regular basis – especially red wine. It is an amazing source of phytochemical resveratrol, an antioxidant that promotes improving the production of nitric oxide by opening up arteries. Its nitric oxide helps the vessels to expand, and this is how Viagra works. When you have wine make a note that you will get some additional benefit as it helps your main arteries. Unlike Viagra that works only on tiny blood vessels.

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