Tramadol is a prescription painkiller. The other names of Tramadol are Ultram and Tramadol. It comes in pills, colored capsules, liquid and tablet form. There were many cases where people abuse their prescriptions, take tramadol illegally, or snort them by crushing up the tablet. Before using this drug, you should understand that it comes with a number of health risks and harms the body of your loved ones. Moreover, Tramadol is a highly addictive medicine. Due to this, it is considered a prescription-only drug.

Here we will discuss all the causes and side-effects of Tramadol abuse that you must keep in your mind to make yourself aware of the consequences.

Tramadol Key Facts

Tramadol is available in under following brand names:

Why is Tramadol Given?

Tramadol is prescribed to patients to cure moderate to severe pain, but the catch is it is given only when general or common painkillers fail to provide expected results.

Can You Get Addicted?

Yes, tramadol is highly addictive. Although it is not as strong as heroin, it shares some common effects like it can make you feel :

What Happen When You Stop Taking It?

When tramadol is taken as prescribed even for a long time, it builds an optimal tolerance, and one cannot face any adverse effect. Now when your doctor finds out that you don’t need to consume it anymore, some people may experience withdrawal symptoms. It generally not happen with all but few people who are not strict with their prescription may face few withdrawal symptoms:

Causes and Effects of Tramadol Abuse

In comparison to other available opioid analgesics, Tramadol has a low abuse potential property. It a famous and most common replacement of many available opiate painkillers. Because it is a powerful medicine and available only in prescription, it is natural that people will get addicted to it quickly.

If tramadol is taken for a small period of time that too, according to prescription, then one can simply get away without any problem. But opposite to this, if someone takes it regularly following the prescription, then he naturally builds a tolerance.  Now in this situation, an overdose may occur, especially when the user feels that a recommended dosage is not giving any effective result.

Here are some severe tramadol abuse causes:


We hope you are now aware of the causes and effects of tramadol abuse. Now in case you or any of your loved one has to take tramadol, then it is important for you to keep the points mentioned above in your mind.

If you are already taking tramadol, then you might be feeling worried after knowing the after-effects? Well, don’t worry, you are just required to follow your doctor’s instructions. In case you are facing any of the symptoms because of overdose, then without any delay, seek your doctor as soon as possible.

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